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HitzSoft is an IT solutions provider based in Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India. Founded in 2001, we provide technology, business and IT consulting and outsourcing services and are also a leading Internet and SEO Marketing company who consults and implements your entire marketing strategy. SEO services provided by us help our clients increase online conversion, build a better online presence, and increase search engine rankings.

Keeping up with the speed of thought is vital to your business. We believe your ideas and enterprise deserve substantial reengineering. Our solutions provide your business with cost-effective, highly scalable, and reliable solutions that are also fast to deploy.

Hanifa, Manager at "Hitz Soft"

At Hitzsoft, we understand our clients' needs. Quality is the only thing we do not compromise on. We are constantly upgrading our knowledge. At all times, we maintain a good relationship with our clients and satisfy their needs. Let our employees know what you think of our works and feel free to share your opinions with them.

Simple, transparent, and tailored to your specific needs, our solutions are designed around your needs. Our estimates are not complicated or vague, nor do we make unrealistic promises. Keeping things straight is what makes us experts.

The headquarters of our company is in Trichy and we have a branch office in Chennai, India. Our global sales division has operations in the U.S., Dubai and Singapore.

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Digitz India

One of the leading company in Digital marketing and analytics in Trichy.

Interactive Design

Experts in Web Design, Logo and Graphics Design


By automating marketing operations, you will be able to streamline production and lower costs.
Why Choose us How we work Vision Mission
  • Our services include website design, development, programming, and marketing.
  • Your business is important to us.
  • Professionals with years of experience.
  • Moreover, we are agile, flexible, and cost-effective.
  • Our services go beyond providing a service.
  • Service with 100% Result-Orientation and Quality.
  • Prompt project delivery.
  • Services dedicated to search engine optimization.
  • Ensured Google ranking within a specified timeframe.
  • Expert services for managing online reputations.

In every aspect of the way we work, we are cultivating a culture of 'Total Performance.' We hope by taking this approach we will earn the reputation of a company that is trusted, one that helps customers solve problems in a creative way, and one that is bold enough to evolve in order to serve customers better and prosper.

Through the best products and services, we want to understand and create value for our customers, and excite and delight them.

Providing our clients with the most reliable and best IT Solutions to maximize profitability and provide the highest level of customer service.